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Love Letter to Hips

In early 2012, I was introduced to Janet Gallin, whose Love Letters Live! program is a testament to the magic of hand-written, heartfelt sentiments.  Janet was kind enough to interview me for her show, where we discussed my family, upbringing, and my very own love letter to your hips.  Yet another achievement in my one-woman campaign for positive body image through fashionable accessories!
Listen to the interview, or read the article in the San Francisco Examiner.  One of my favorite parts : 

"I had never before thought of a tool belt as a sexy accessory. Thank you Katherine Becvar for wanting to adorn those hips instead of struggling to camouflage them."


My love letter to hips

Dear gorgeous,

This letter is addressed to every woman who’s ever despaired that her hips are too big, unattractive, or otherwise shaped wrong.

My dear, you really have no idea how lovely your curvaceous curves are!  Like a blushing ripe apple, ready for someone to take a crisp bite.  Yum!

Your hips are an extension of your root, the axis of your body’s strength and power.

They are a sign and symbol of your femininity and allure, setting your lover’s heart aflame with just a shimmy and a twist.

Why do you suppose women throughout history have endured boning, strapping, lacing, and such other forms of architecture?  Why, to get the hip curve that you were born with!

Trust me, in my line of work, I’ve seen a lot of hips.  And they are all gorgeous!  Just as gorgeous as yours.

Hips are who we are and how we’re built.  They are a sign of health and strength.  Never believe that your hips aren’t just perfect -- because they are.

Love, Katherine the Great

You can listen to the full interview here.