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The Cocktail Corsage - a flirt-powered cocktail robot

My first entry in the annual BarBot festival of cocktail robotics (2012 edition) was a rather unobtrusive wearable drinkbot called the Cocktail Corsage.  In order to be served a drink, the thirsty person has to flirt with the wearer of the drinkbot and get her excited.

A solenoid valve at my elbow controls the flow of bourbon from a reservoir on my upper arm, and tubing brings the liquid down to a faux flower wrist corsage where it dispenses from the center.  The "brains" of the operation is an Arduino microcontroller in my pocket which is wired to a temperature-sensitive sensor called a thermistor that is clipped to an ... um ... sensitive part of my anatomy.  Once my temperature gets above a certain point (an indication of physical arousal), an LED light in the flower lights up for 10 seconds to indicate that the drink is about to pour, then the corsage dispenses a shot of bourbon to the lucky recipient.

The Cocktail Corsage was my first step along the path towards creating the Cocktail Dress, which will incorporate numerous biofeedback sensors programmed to measure flirtatiousness and arousal.  As the sensors are triggered, the dress's embedded LED lights will twinkle in progressively more active patterns until the thirsty flirter is served his or her drink.