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Plein Aire Painting Holster

As the weather warms up in anticipation of summer, I am reminded of a project I recently completed for my talented friend Sarah Dungan of Industrial Fairytale, whose work you have probably seen on my fancy folded business card (“How does she do it? Where does she keep them?”).  She commissioned me to make her a super-customized belt and holster set to allow her to carry all of the items she needs for plein aire painting while hiking on the great trails with which the Bay Area is blessed with an abundance of.

I jumped at the chance, because making super-specialized toolbelts can be a fun challenge -- a place for everything and everything in its place!  To begin the project, I spent about an hour with Sarah talking about her painting and sketching necessities, deciding what was essential and what was a nice-to-have, then coming up with a configuration for her belt and holster that would be both practical and comfortable.  It took me a lot longer than normal to complete her order (nearly 6 months, compared to my usual ~2 month turnaround time), since I wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time to get it 100% right.  Luckily she is a wonderfully patient person, and both she and I were super happy with the final product.  Thanks Sarah for the fun commission, and the wonderful business card design!

Katherine Becvar