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The Magic Forest Wedding Dress - a beautiful collaboration!

My dear friend Liz Simpson recently got married, and she commissioned me to make her wedding dress. Since I can count the number of wedding dresses I have made on one hand (by deliberate choice -- too stressful!), this was a pretty big deal.  It also had to be TOP SECRET from the groom, which is why you're getting all the pictures at once!

Early on, when we started talking fabric, the colors and vision Liz had seemed to mesh beautifully with the work of my dear friend and fellow costume designer Noelle of Firebird fae couture.  Her amazing hand-dyed and burned-edge silk designs seemed to evoke the magic forest feeling that Liz, a professional garden designer, was hoping for. And so, a beautiful collaboration was born! I did all the patternwork and construction, and Noelle did the dye work and delicate silk decorations. A match made for a magic forest!