~ Tip: How to de-dust-ify your non-washables ~

That pesky playa dust gets everywhere!
      Many of my products are designed to be washable, but sometimes it’s just not worth the risk.  Here are some methods I’ve learned during twelve years of going to Burning Man for getting playa dust out of those fancy costumes:
* Canned Air -- the wind deposits it, so why not get the wind to help get rid of it too?  Use the cans of air designed to get dust out of your computer keyboard, and apply liberally to those delicate accessories: particularly hairflowers, light up pins, sequins tops, or anything that won’t enjoy getting immersed in water. If you have access to an air-compressor, that can be used to great effect to remove dust from larger items like LED bustles.
* Keep it Bagged / Boxed -- minimize the dust getting on it in the first place!  Hatboxes and plastic totes are your friend - it takes a few seconds to put it away once you aren’t wearing it anymore, which saves you hours of trying to get it back to its pre-playa pristine condition.
* Borax - the commonly recommended de-playa-fication acid of choice is vinegar, but then you end up with clothes and accessories with that unmistakeable whiff.  Why not instead use Borax (aka boric acid) is just as acidic with no odor.  In addition to tossing a quarter-cupful into my playa laundry, I also dissolve some in water and gently dab it on my non-washables with a rag - hey presto! no more playa.

Have fun at the Burn!