Can I order something that I see on this website?               

    In some cases, yes!  This website primarily serves as a gallery of work I have done in the past, as well as a place for my online order form for custom orders.  This means that for the most part, the photos of belts featured on this website are intended to serve as examples of the features, styles, and extras that are available to you, not the actual belt that you will receive when you place an order.  To see the items that I have in stock right now, please visit my Etsy shop ( 

    That being said, keep in mind that some of the work I do is one-of-a-kind, custom-made to the specifications of my clients.  In most cases, I can create a replica of the more complex items featured here on this site; however in some cases the materials may be hard-to-find or no longer available, or the cost of replication may be prohibitive.  Please email me to find out the ordering details if you see something here that you like, and we’ll go from there!



How long does it take for you to complete a custom order?

   The short answer is 8 to 12 weeks.  My turnaround time is dependent on a several factors: where I am in my production schedule at the time you place your order, my schedule of upcoming shows and events, and also my day job.  Quality work does take time, and I want to give your belt the care and attention it deserves.  If your need for pockets just can’t wait, please have a look at your options for instant gratification in my Etsy shop.



What colors can I order?               

    For the pocketed tool belts, I have many fabrics, colors, and textures available from which you can choose.  But what I have comes to me as scraps from other costumers and recycle/reuse centers (thank you Samiah, SCRAP, FabMo, and the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse!).  What this means is that when I run out of a particular fabric, I cannot always guarantee I will get more. :(  So if you see a fabric on this website that you really like, there is always a possibility that I don’t have any more of it to make a belt for you.  But I probably have something similar...  When you email me, please let me know if you have particular colors or fabrics in mind, and I’ll let you know what’s in my scrap inventory.

     For the illuminated accessories and clothing, the LED lights that I use come in a limited number of colors (think bright crayon colors).  If you have a particular design in mind, please don’t hesitate to email me


What size should I order?


    As far as sizes go, the belts come in a range of generous sizes, and are adjustable using the corset-style lacing at the back within that range -- extra small (28-32”), small (32-36”), medium (36-40”), large (40-44”) and extra large (44-48”).  If your waist measurement falls above or below that, let me know when you are ordering, and I can easily adjust my pattern accordingly, and for no additional cost.


     Still not sure what size to buy? Use this guide for an approximate sense of how my sizes correspond to conventional US womens' sizes:

Extra Extra Small - 26"-30"- womens' size 2-6
Extra Small - 28"-32" - womens' size 6-10
Small - 32"-36" - womens' size 12-14
Medium - 36"-40" - womens' size 16-18
Large - 40"-44" - womens' size 20-22
Extra Large - 44"-48" - womens' size 22-26
Extra Extra Large - 48 - 52" - womens's size 26+        




I’ve lost weight, and my pockets don’t fit anymore.  What can I do?

    First off, congrats!  I am delighted to offer a complimentary belt re-sizing service as a courtesy to my customers whose bodies have changed such that their pockets no longer fit.  You can either drop the belt off in person at my studio, or contact me for my mailing address to ship it to me for resizing.             



How do I wash my pocket belt?                               


1) Empty all the pockets.

2) Remove the lacing ribbon and inspect for wear and tear. Remove any chains or special decorations.

3) When in doubt, hand wash in a sink or basin using a mild detergent and cool water (this is best for belts made of satin or brocade, and belts with trim or tassels).

4) For sturdier belts, feel free to toss in the washing machine on the cool setting using a mild detergent.  I recommend placing your belt in a lingerie bag just to be on the safe side.

5) Do Not Put in the Dryer!  This is where most laundry mishaps happen - dryers eat away at fibers and make clothes look worn-out before their time.  Please hang dry your belt.

6) Enjoy your freshly-cleaned pockets!


Click here for tips on how to remove playa dust from non-washable items like light-up bustles...              



How long do the batteries last?

    Most garments and accessories are made to give the wearer between 20-50 hours of glow time.  In most cases, batteries will last even longer than that, although the lights will not be as bright as they were with fresh batteries.  As much as possible, I try to use widely available battery types - AA, AAA, and CR2032 coin cells.



How do I change the battery?               

   Click here to view my tutorial for changing the coin-cell batteries in my light up flowers and light up pins.



Will I get an electric shock from wearing lights?


    In everything I make, I do my best to ensure that all active circuits are enclosed and sealed away from the wearer’s skin.  That being said, the circuits I use are between 3-9 volts DC, which are generally safe to the touch, although common sense is required when handling the batteries-- don’t store metal keys or coins where they might come in contact with the battery terminals, and remove batteries before attempting to wash anything.




Where do the batteries go?

     Depending on the garment, the battery packs go in an out-of-the-way location.  For bras and tops, I create a battery pocket that goes in the bra cup or under the arm.  For bustles, dresses, and skirts, I install a pocket at the waistline or in the small of the back.  For tiaras and headdresses, the battery is mounted out of sight along the headband, fitting behind the wearer’s ear.  For pins or clips, the battery is on the reverse side of the pin or clip.